Jordi Gonzalez

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Date and Place of birth: March 12, 1975 in Tortosa, Catalonia Spain


PhD in Computer Engineering, Universitat Autňnoma de Barcelona (UAB), 2004.


Senior Researcher at the Computer Vision Center (CVC), UAB (1998- ).

Associate Professor in Computer Science, UAB (2010- ).

Faculty Secretary of the School of Engineering, UAB (2015- ).

Program Coordinator of the PhD in Computer Science, UAB (2018- ).



Lectures in the Computer Engineering and Computational Mathematics and Data Analytics Undergraduated Courses, at UAB: Machine Learning.

Lectures in the Digital Medical Engineering Creation Course, at Graduate School of Health Sciences, Kobe University, Japan: Machine Learning and Computer Vision.

Lectures in various Digital Business and Digital Marketing Program Masters, at The Valley Barcelona Business School Barcelona: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.


Image Sequence Evaluation, based on the work by Prof. Hans-Hellmut Nagel.

List of publications at Google Scholar.



Co-founder of Care Respite, S.L., 2015.

Co-founder of Visual Tagging Services, S.L., 2012.

Co-founder of Cloud Size Services, S.L., 2011.



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