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Software Engineer for CARLA: AI + Videogames + Autonomous Cars

Project motivation CARLA ( is an internationally recognized project to brings the state of the art in autonomous driving simulation to the world. CARLA started in 2016 as an open-source project sponsored by Intel and developed at the Computer Vision Center

4 open PhD positions at CVC

The Computer Vision Center and the Computer Science Department of the UAB open a call for 4 new PhD positions. The profiles and contact persons of each of these positions are: 1. Computer Vision – Deep architectures. Deep Intrinsic image

2 Becas de colaboración en proyectos de investigación

El Centro de Visión por Computador convoca 2 becas de colaboración en proyectos de investigación. La resolución e información pueden hallarse en el siguiente enlace: 2018_BCPI_DAG

C++ programmer for CARLA: AI + Videogames + Autonomous Cars

At CVC, we are looking for a C++ programmer for our project CARLA. Project motivation The Computer Vision Center (Barcelona, Spain) and the Intel Visual Computing Lab (Santa Clara, California) have joined forces to create a new videogame-like simulator for

Proposta priorització FI DGR 2018

Convocatoria BPI – Beca predoctoral

Veure la convocatória al següent document: Beca BPI Data límit: 13 de novembre 2017 Email de contacte:  

Convocatoria FPI80-CVC – Beca predoctoral

Veure la convocatória al següent document: Convocatoria FPI80-CVC – Beca predoctoral Data límit: 24 de Setembre 2017 Email de contacte:  


The Computer Vision Center (CVC) is a public research center established in 1995 by the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and the Generalitat de Catalunya (CERCA network centers).  It is an international reference in the field of computer vision and has

2 Pre Doc Positions open on Historical Document Analysis and Recognition

The Computer Vision Center and the Qidenus Group Company open two industrial PhD positions on pattern recognition and computer vision techniques applied to information extraction from large scale historical document image sources.   The context: information extraction from EU demographic

Priorització Ajuts FI 2017