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P-Sphere (COFUND project) Postdoc Position in Advanced reading systems – 2nd call open in September 2016

The second call of the program will open in September 2016. For further information please, refer to the official webpage of the call:   Topic Title: Advanced reading systems   Topic description (*) The successful candidate will work on

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Call for predoctoral positions

The UAB has opened a new call for predoctoral positions. Two of these positions are linked to research groups in the Computer Vision Center. Candidates must accredit that they hold a university qualification, EHEA university qualification of at least 300

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  The Computer Vision Center (CVC) is a public research center established in 1995 by the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and the Generalitat de Catalunya (CERCA network centers). The CVC is an established center with a staff of over 100

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FPU CALL ‐ 2015

This call has two stages: – First stage: only the candidate’s academic record is considered. Deadline: December 22, at 14.00 h – Second stage: only for those candidates who pass the first stage    

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Proposta priorització sol·licituds FI-DGR 2016

PrioritzacioFIDGR2016 criteris_prioritzacio

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Call for PhD possition: Introducing physical constraints in machine learning architectures for detecting shadow effects in images.

Scene understanding in computer vision involves many tasks to make it an affordable problem. Among them, there is the problem of removing, or at least reducing, the effects of lighting in the scene. An specific example is the automatic guiding

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Call for european P-SPHERE project researchers: Holistic interpretation of urban scene imagery

Topic description The goal of this research line is to automatically learn models (i.e. meanings) to which experiences (i.e. images and video from wearable devices or from social media streams) can be associated. The selected candidate is expected to align

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Call for european P-SPHERE project researchers: Human Pose Recovery and Behavior Analysis

Topic description Human Action/Gesture recognition is a challenging area of research that deals with the problem of recognizing people in images, detecting and describing body parts, inferring their spatial configuration, and performing action/gesture recognition from still images or image sequences,

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Call for european P-SPHERE project researchers: Ultimate color descriptor including multiple light effects

Topic description The project will aim for the definition of a color descriptor able to represent the color of an object surface including the common variations of color which are derived from multiple light effects, such as shading (including self-shadows

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Open PhD Studentship in Computer Vision – FPI Call

The Positions: The Computer Vision Centre at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) is offering the following 4 year PhD studentships:   –          Mutual Context for Robust Reading Systems –          Exploring visual cues related to shadow detection –          FireDMMI: Fire

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