Month: January 2011

Iterative Gaussianization Framework for Image Processing

Place: Large Lecture Room, CVC Affiliation: Image Processing Laboratory (IPL). Universitat de València, Spain   (Joint work with Jesús Malo and Valero Laparra.) We generalize a class of projection pursuit methods to transform arbitrary multidimensional data into multivariate Gaussian data, thus attaining

Recent advances on contact less hand biometrics and off line signature verification

Place: Large Lecture Room – CVC Affiliation: Instituto Universitario para el Desarrollo Tecnológico y la Innovación en Comunicaciones, ULPG, Spain   The aim of this seminar is to introduce two biometrics devices researched in our research institute (Instituto Universitario para el Desarrollo Tecnológico y

Learning of Data Collections in High-Dimensional Spaces Without Supervision

Place: Large Lecture Room – CVC Affiliation: Chaire de recherche du CRSNG Dept informatique Universite de Sherbrooke Quebec, Canada   The democratization of information and communication technologies is making available huge quantities of data. Using this data in efficient ways will help