Month: October 2011

LARTREAT EU project: Computer, Experimental and Clinicalmodel of Three-Dimensional Plaque

Place: Large Lecture Room – CVC Affiliation: University of Kragujevac, Kragujevac, Serbia   Atherosclerosis is a progressive disease characterized by inflammation, monocyte-macrophage migration, and lipid accumulation in the vascular wall. Atherosclerosis isinitially characterized by endothelial dysfunction, which favors lipid and cell elements

Affective Image Classification using Features Inspired by Psychology and Art Theory

Place: Large Lecture Room – CVC   Images can affect people on an emotional level. Since the emotions that arise in the viewer of an image are highly subjective, they are rarely indexed. However there are situations when it would be

Layered Surfaces Decomposition Using the Spider Model

Place: Large Lecture Room – CVC   Many object surfaces are composed of layers of different physical substances, known as layered surfaces. These surfaces, such as patinas, water colors, and wall paintings, have more complex optical properties than diffuse surfaces. Although