Month: May 2012

Disturbing vision

Place: Large Lecture Room Affiliation: Department of Psychology, University of Essex., UK   Observers show consistency in the images they judge to be uncomfortable. The discomfort can be predicted from the statistics of the image, and this applies to images ranging from

Vision por Computador en la Universidad del Bio-Bio

Place: Large Lecture Room Affiliation: Universidad del Bio-Bio   En el seminario se expondrán las principales líneas  de investigación en el área de la Visión por Computador de la Universidad del Bío-Bío, Chile.  Se presentarán los desafíos en las áreas estratégicas de la región como los

Understanding the Structure of Cognition across Individuals – Machine Learning in Neuroimaging

Place: Large Lecture Room Affiliation: CIR Lab, Medical University of Vienna   Understanding how our brain performs cognition and perception is a challenging endeavor. Recently, machine learning approaches have emerged as an interesting direction to study our cognitive architecture based on imaging