Month: April 2014

Visual Language Processing (VLP) of Ancient Manuscripts: Converting Collections to Windows on the Past

Place: Large Lecture Room Affiliation: Syncrhomedia and Livia Labs. École de Technologie Supérieure. Univ. du Québec, Canada.   Ancient manuscripts, as heritage carriers, are being intensively digitized all over the globe to better preserve them. This has brought a great opportunity to

A collaboration agreement to explore ways of application of computer vision in Google Glass has been signed.

Bellaterra, April 28, 2014 On 25 April, the Computer Vision Center (CVC ) signed a cooperation agreement with Soft for You ( SFY ) the purpose of which is to explore possible avenues of exploitation technologies of vision by ”

Sequential image analysis for computer-aided wireless endoscopy.

Place: Large Lecture Room Affiliation: Universitat de Barcelona, Computer Vision Centre, Barcelona. Spain.   Wireless Capsule Endoscopy (WCE) is a technique for inner-visualization of the entire small intestine and, thus, offers an interesting perspective on intestinal motility. The two major drawbacks of this technique

Successful collaborative CVC project in the press

Today, April 9th 2014, El Mundo has published “Convertir las 8 horas de película de la endoscopia sin cable en un ‘corto’”. The report is focused on the collaboration between the Computer Vision Centre, Vall d’Hebron Hospital and Given Imaging

European referent in Computer Vision

April 7th 2014, La Vanguardia has published, for its extra publication related to the World Health Day, a report about the medical and healthcare research lines in the CVC. The report is divided into few sections, an introductory one talking