Month: July 2014

CVC Summer day

Before the beginning of the vacations  is a tradition at the CVC to have a day to share some time and have fun with all the colleagues and co-workers. This year we are going to share a Paella for lunch.

Employers attending are committed to optimize the cooperation between research and business second “Coffee Research”

Barcelona, 21 July 2014 The optimization of cooperation between research centers and companies and the urgency of promoting a greater awareness of the benefits of innovation by SMEs were some of the main arguments put forward for debate by employers

Short news about the Living Lab at El Mundo Innovadores

Today, 8 of July 2014, el Mundo Innovadores has a short text talking about the library living lab. you can read the text at the pdf BCNinnovadores – INNOVADORES -08_08_14

The CVC Innovation Lab is been a success

The 11 of July, after 5 sessions of intense work in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere CVC Innovation Lab has finished; a workshop in the form of competition to foster entrepreneurship and find interesting ideas with potential market. The CVC

5th session of the CVC innovation Lab

Presentations and jury decision

CVCR&D 2014

The CVCR&D is an annual internal event where PhD students have the opportunity to show the work they have been developing during the year to the researchers of the CVC. The event is quite relaxed, the researchers can give their

Café amb la Recerca al CVC

Café amb la Recerca is an initiative of the Fundació Catalana per la Recerca i la Innovació. Some companies with a high interest in R&D will come to the CVC so we will have the opportunity to explain them what is the i el Parc de Recerca UAB, amb col·laboració del CVC, ideen solucions innovadores per al descans

Amb la implementació d’un projecte que combina la visió per computador, l’electrònica i la fisioteràpia, preveu fabricar anualment 20.000 matalassos personalitzats. El projecte tindrà una durada d’un any i mig, està pressupostat en 200.000 euros i hi participaran dos

Reinforcement Learning of Visual Descriptors for Object Recognition

Place: Large Lecture Room Affiliation: Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Computer Vision Centre, Barcelona. Spain. Committee members: Dr. Petia Ivanova Radeva, Universitat de Barcelona, Spain.Dr. Bogdan Raducanu, Computer Vision Center, Barcelona, Spain.Dr. Arnau Ramisa Ayats, Institut de Robòtica i Informàtica Industrial, Universitat Politècnica de

Sant Cugat (Barcelona) will have the first library with a livinglab in Catalonia

Europa Press has published an article about the future Volpelleres public library and its living lab, an initiative with the CVC and the UAB collaboration. You can read the full article here.