Month: July 2015

A Confidence Framework for the Assessment of Optical Flow Performance

Thesis Supervisor: Dr. Debora Gil i Dr. Aura Hernandez Place: Computer Vision Centre at Lecture Room. Committee: Dr. Laura Igual Muñoz.  Dep. Matematica Aplicada i Analisis – Universitat de Barcelona and Computer Vision Centre. Barcelona. Catalonia. Spain. Dr. Jordi Gonzàlez Sabaté.  Dep. Ciències

A Statistical Framework for Terminating Evolutionary Algorithms at their Steady State

Thesis Supervisor: Dr. Debroa Gil Place: Computer Vision Centre at Lecture Room. Committee: Dr. Daniela Zaharie. Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science. West University of Timisoara Timisoara, Romania. Dr. Oriol Ramos Terrades. Departament Ciències de la Computació and Computer Vision Centre, UAB. Bellaterra. Catalunya. Spain.

Poster Award for “GPU-based pedestrian detection for autonomous driving”

Victor Campmany an ADAS group student obtained the 2n best Poster Award for the poster “GPU-based pedestrian detection for autonomous driving” at Programming and Tunning Massively Parallel Systems  at PUMPS Summer School, July 6-10, 2015 that was organized by Barcelona Supercomputing Center, University

Advances in Statistical Machine Translation in the last 10 years

Place: Large lecture room. Affiliation:  Instituto Politécnico Nacional, Mexico.   My research experience is mainly in Machine Translation (MT), although I have also worked in Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) and Information Retrieval (IR). In this talk, I will overview several ASR,

The CVC 20th anniversary in the media

We leave the links to the various publications that have talked about our 20th anniversary:  

The CVC celebrates its 20th anniversary

The Computer Vision Centre, celebrates 20 years since its foundation as a consortium between the Generalitat of Catalonia and the Autonomous University of Barcelona. To celebrate this milestone has organized two events, a scientific one and an institutional one. Thursday

Deep fishing: Extracting Gradient Features from Deep Nets / LEWIS: Latent embeddings for word images and their semantics

Place: Large lecture room. Affiliation: Computer Vision group at Xerox XRCE. Grenoble, France.   In this talk I will present some recent work carried out at the Computer Vision group at Xerox XRCE. In the first part of the talk I

20th anniversary Computer Vision Center institutional event

The Computer Vision Centre celebrates its 20th anniversary and for this occasion we have organized an event on 10 July at 11am at CVC. The event will be chaired by the Honourable Mr. Felip Puig Godes, Minister of Enterprise and Employment of

“CVC-20th Anniversary Seminar”: Teaching Computers to See

Affiliation: Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, Dept. of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Massachusetts Institute of Technology. USA. Place: Casa de Convalescència. Carrer de Sant Antoni Maria Claret, 171, 08041 Barcelona.   It is an exciting time for computer vision. With the success of

“CVC-20th Anniversary Seminar”: Teaching Computers to See by Professor Antonio Torralba

Keynote speaker Prof. Antonio Torralba from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) will give the invited talk titled “Teaching Computers to see” at the Modernist venue of Casa de Convalescència (Carrer de Sant Antoni Maria Claret, 171, 08041 Barcelona.) It is