Month: October 2015

Call for PhD possition: Introducing physical constraints in machine learning architectures for detecting shadow effects in images.

Scene understanding in computer vision involves many tasks to make it an affordable problem. Among them, there is the problem of removing, or at least reducing, the effects of lighting in the scene. An specific example is the automatic guiding

Call for european P-SPHERE project researchers: Holistic interpretation of urban scene imagery

Topic description The goal of this research line is to automatically learn models (i.e. meanings) to which experiences (i.e. images and video from wearable devices or from social media streams) can be associated. The selected candidate is expected to align

Call for european P-SPHERE project researchers: Human Pose Recovery and Behavior Analysis

Topic description Human Action/Gesture recognition is a challenging area of research that deals with the problem of recognizing people in images, detecting and describing body parts, inferring their spatial configuration, and performing action/gesture recognition from still images or image sequences,

Call for european P-SPHERE project researchers: Ultimate color descriptor including multiple light effects

Topic description The project will aim for the definition of a color descriptor able to represent the color of an object surface including the common variations of color which are derived from multiple light effects, such as shading (including self-shadows

UAB-CIE Sphere centres looking to hire 31 researchers

The P-SPHERE Programme will recruit experienced researchers through two calls, with the first being launched in November this year. This project is funded by the Marie S. Curie H2020 Programme and involves UAB-CIE Sphere centres. This is the only COFUND

Conferència sobre l’evolució dels oficis i la indústria de Sant Feliu de Llobregat

A la seu de l’Arxiu Comarcal del Baix Llobregat, tindrà lloc la conferència “La gent de Sant Feliu de Llobregat dedicada als oficis i a la indústria a través dels padrons municipals d’habitants”, a càrrec de les demògrafes Anna Cabré

Best master dissertation award

Gabriel Villalonga, a PhD student in Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) has been awarded by the Spanish Chapter of the ITSS Society (Intelligent Transportation Systems Society) for his Master in Computer Vision master thesis: “Online City Maps with Pedestrian Behaviours

2nd prize for the best dissemination project

The Catalan association for artificial intelligence (ACAI) has awarded Dr. Antonio Lopez and the members of the Advanced Driver Assistance Systems Group (ADAS) with the 2nd prize for the best dissemination of a research project in artificial intelligence. The award

Best PhD thesis award

The ITSS Society (Intelligent Transportation Systems Society) has awarded the doctoral thesis of Dr. David Vazquez “Domain Adaptation of Virtual Worlds for Reial and Pedestrian Detection”  with the Prize for the Best Doctoral Thesis on Intelligent Transport Systems in Spain.

sistema de monitoratge d’esdeveniments per a l’Ajuntament de Barcelona

Ctrl4 Enviro, empresa ubicada al Parc de Recerca UAB, ha desenvolupat, amb el suport tecnològic del Centre de Visió per Computador com a assessor en l’elecció de la tecnologia d’anàlisi d’imatge més adecuada per al projecte, un sistema de seguiment