Month: December 2015

Michal Drozdzal awarded by CERCA at Premis Pioner 2015

Michal Drozdzal is one of the 5 researchers who has received the Pioner award for his PhD thesis “Sequential image analysis for computer-aided wireless endoscopi”. This one is the 2nd edition of the contest promoted by CERCA, and last year


En el marc de l’exposició +HUMANS al CCCB s’organitzen diferents activitats relacionades amb el contingut de l’exposició.   Entre elles, el 17 de decembre la Dra. Petia Radeva,professora titular del Departament MAIA de la UB i cap del Laboratory BCNPCL

CVC students receive a special award from the School of Engineering of the UAB

The ceremony of diplomas to graduates of the course 2014-2015 of the School of Engineering was held on December 10, 2015 at 18 am at the Arnau de Vilanova Hall of the Hotel Campus UAB. M. Ferran Sancho Pifarré, Rector

With new techniques visually impaired will recognize gestures of their correspondent

Webadictos has published an article about a project that involved the Computer Vision Center. Dr. Bogdan Raducanu, researcher at the CVC, is involved in this project to facilitate the recognition of other people gestures by visually impaired people. Automatic computer

Active Pedestrian Safety 2.0

Place: Large lecture room. Affiliation: Daimler Group. Germany.   Daimler introduced an advanced set of driver assistance functions in its latest Mercedes-Benz 2013-2014 S-, E-, and C-Class models, termed “Intelligent Drive”, using stereo vision. It includes a pedestrian safety component which

FPU CALL ‐ 2015

This call has two stages: – First stage: only the candidate’s academic record is considered. Deadline: December 22, at 14.00 h – Second stage: only for those candidates who pass the first stage    

The CVC has developed the Pianolla Roll Digitalize, an innovative and unique system that allows the digitalization of pianolla rolls.

The system has been developed in collaboration with the Music Museum of Barcelona and the Robert Gerhard center within the frame of a project lead by the musicology department at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. The Pianolla Roll Digitizer is

ChaLearn LaP @ CVPR2015: Challenge and Workshop on Pose Recovery, Action Recognition, and Cultural Event Recognition

The new competitions include (i) Apparent Age Estimation in still images  (ii) Cultural Event Recognition (recognition of 100 categories in still images) on two novel datasets. Competitions will be held via the Microsoft Codalab platform starting on June, 15th. More