Month: June 2016

CVC Researcher Germán Ros Gained a New International Success

The research paper about “Street-View Change Detection with Deconvolutional Networks” which was collaboratively signed by CVC Researcher German Ros, was one of the finalists in 2016 Robotics: Science and Systems Conference   CVC Researcher German Ros from the team of

Barcelona Science Festival

Barcelona Town Council brings science and citizens together in Barcelona Science Festival that will be held in Ciudatella Park on the weekend 18-19th of June. Research groups and companies from different areas will be exhibiting during the festival. During two days, there

One Giant Leap For Autonomous Cars

CVC’s Research group ADAS developed a virtual simulation to accelerate and cheapen machine learning process in autonomous cars. ADAS recently developed a video game-like computer simulation called SYNTHIA that aims to accelerate and improve the way artificial intelligences learn to understand

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UAV Remote Sensing Applications (6th Edition)

Dr. Daniel Ponsa, researcher at the Computer Vision Center, will give a talk on Computer Vision techniques at the UAV Remote Sensing Applications (6th Edition) at the BCN Drone Center. The UAV Remote sensing Applications is a one week course about photogrammetry

Open PhD Studentship in Computer Vision – FPI Call

The Positions: The Computer Vision Centre at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) is offering the following 4-year PhD studentships:   CONCORDIA: CONtextualising the COntents in the Recognition of Document Images from Archives IVENDIS: Intelligent in-Vivo Endoscopic Diagnosis and Intervention Support

CVC attended to the 3rd annual conference of CERCA

Catalan Research Center CERCA (Centre de Recerca de Catalunya) organized its third annual conference on Wednesday 8th of June. As one of the key players of our research system, CVC attendded the conference.   CVC´s Director Josep Lladós represented Computer Vision

CVC’s Research Group ADAS Exhibited on CARNET in UPC

Volkswagen Group’s initiative CARNET (Cooperative Automotive Research Network) Organized a fair in UPC’s Campus Nord on Wednesday 1st of June. Future concepts and prototypes of Urban Mobility were exhibited.   CVC research group ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) participated with