Month: October 2017

Castanyada at CVC

The 31st at 11.00 we will enjoy this year’s traditional catalan festivity named ‘castanyada’ (the chestnut festivity) at CVC. You are all invited!

ITS Congress 2017, Montreal

CVC will be present at this year’s International Transport Systems congress in Montreal. Information on the event here:

CVC Tea Talk

CVC Tea Talk, 26th October at 14.15 at the dining room.

CVC – UAB ADAS Team Featuring At The Latest HIPEAC INFO Magazine

Advanced image processing techniques for automatic detection of polyps, colorectal cancer precursor lesions

ICCV 2017, Venice

Several papers will be presented at this year’s ICCV by part of the CVC Community.   At the main conference: Domain-adaptive deep network compression, by authors Marc Masana, Luis Herranz, Joost Van de Weijer, Andrew D. Bagdanov and Jose M. Álveraz

Mitek Systems Acquires ICAR, A CVC Spin Off Focused In Digital Identity Verification

Human Segmentation, Pose Estimation and Applications

Place: CVC Sala d’actes Committee Dr. Manuel Jesus Marin-Jimenez – Departament de Informática y Análisis Numérico Universidad de Córdoba Dr. Laura Igual Muñoz – Departament Matemàtiques i Informàtica – Universitat de Barcelona Dr. David Masip Rodo – Departament Informàtica Multimèdia i

The First Computer Algorithm Comes By The Name Of Ada

Announcement of the awards of GIANA Sub-challenge on Gastrointestinal Image Analysis