Month: March 2019

Dr. Josep Lladós at Revolució 4.0: Catalunya Radio

IA, ethics and public participation: Closing Debate

Dr. Josep Lladós at TV3 news

(Tancada) Convocatoria FPI81-CVC – Beca predoctoral

Veure la convocatória al següent document: Convocatoria FPI81-CVC – Beca predoctoral Data límit: 27 de març 2019 Email de contacte: Resolució convocatòria: Resolució FPI81

Presentation of the Google Summer of Code at OpenCV

Infromal Seminar On Wednesday 13th of March, our PhD student, Edgar Riba, has organized an informal meeting on behalf of the Open Source Computer Vision Library (OpenCV) to explain students how they can opt to participate at the Google Summer

ENSIL-ENSCI students visit

Students from the Engineering School in the Electronics and Telecommunication Department at ENSIL-ENSCI (France) will visit us on Monday 11th of March at 11 h in order to know better the research and development that takes place at our Center.

Understanding color vision: from psychophysics to computational modeling

Place: CVC Sala d’actes Committee: Dr. Arash Akbarinia – Abteilung Allgemeine Psychologie Justus-Liebig-Universität Gießen Dr. Matthias S. Keil –  Dept. de Cognició, Desenvolupament i Psicologia de l’Educació Universitat de Barcelona Dr. Sophie Wuerger – Dept. of Psychological Sciences University of Liverpool

CVC at Mobile World Congress 2019 Spring’19 Edition

At the Spring’s Edition, our researcher, Dr. Antonio López will be one of the speakers, with a lecture on ‘ End-to-End Driving ’. It will take place on the 1st of March at the Movistar Center, starting at 18.00. 

Towards Robust Neural Models for Fine-Grained Image Recognition

Place: CVC Sala d’actes Committee: Dr. Gregory Rogez – Naver Labs Europe Dr. Carles Fernandez Tena – Herta Security Dr. David Masip Rodó – Universitat Oberta de Barcelona Thesis Supervisor: Dr. Jordi Gonzàlez Sabaté – Computer Vision Center Dr. Josep M.