A collaboration agreement to explore ways of application of computer vision in Google Glass has been signed.

April 30, 2014 at 3:12 pm by

Bellaterra, April 28, 2014

On 25 April, the Computer Vision Center (CVC ) signed a cooperation agreement with Soft for You ( SFY ) the purpose of which is to explore possible avenues of exploitation technologies of vision by ” wearable platforms ” such as Google Glass or SmartWatch among others.

This agreement responds to the needs of both parties; the CVC is interested in finding new ways to transfer and exploit their technologies and SLY wants to nourish from different kind of technologies that can be applied to this kind of devices.

Due to the 1st CERCA Conference held today , April 28 , in ” The Born CC” and being it a good opportunity to develop the first action within the agreement , the CVC and SFY have designed a very simple demonstration that consisted of viewing a video through the Google Glass when looking at the poster presented by the CVC .

The glasses detect a marker present on the poster, in this case an image, which activates the application and allows you to see the video. This has led to the assistants who have tested the glasses to think about possible applications of this device, from the management of cultural heritage to support patients with memory problems.

Furthermore, trying and manipulating the glasses enabled them to know a little better a very new technology in testing phase.

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