MEMEnginy 14

May 20, 2014 at 11:21 am by

The MEMEnginy14 ‘ is the feast of the engineering school at UAB held on Thursday 22.
Among the many activities organized for this day, we want to highlight those in which members of the CVC are involved.

Dr. Antonio Lopez gives a talk on the research activity carried out in the center around Autonomous Driving Assistance System

PhD student Jiaolong Xu alongside Oriol Varela, final degree project student, perform a demonstration with a drone (Parrot) that follows his owner without using a remote control because it has a camera and when detects its owner, the drone follows him.

Dr. David Vazquez , along with PhD students Juan Sebastian Ramos and Germán Ros, and with final degree project student Gabriel Villalonga show a demostration of detecting pedestrians in 3D : Using two cameras a 3D they make a reconstruction of the scene , and looks for the road pedestrians on the road. Unlike the 2D demos which were they looked for pedestrians all around the image making the process slower and with a higher error probability. It also tells you how far away is the car from the pedestrian.
On the other hand, they will perform a people motion analysis demonstration (Optical Flow). Through a single image is analyzed which objects are moving and shows how they are moving.

We invite everyone to go to the EE and learn more about the work of our researchers.