Starting the CVC Innovation Lab

May 22, 2014 at 8:30 am by

Today, May 22, the CVC Innovation Lab will start: It is an initiative of the center to promote entrepreneurship among young researchers at the CVC.
The CVC Innovation Lab is a laboratory of ideas with the goal of reaching, among the involved people, ideas with business potential.

The event, in a contest format, is organized into several guided and structured sessions but always maintaining a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, give voice to all the participants and facilitate creativity and cooperation, both in the brainstorming and later on in the selection of ideas and during the presentations of the selected ones.

This lab will serve as a starting point for the CVCEmprén; a one-year grant where the winning ideas will be supported to get through.

This grant will support mentoring and start- up budget and the support of Bloomstart, a company involved in the CVC Innovation Lab since the beginning, which will provide support in the market analysis, management, strategic design plan, searching for funding, etc.

The program not only aims to generate interesting ideas, it also has a clear educational function, complementing the skills of young researchers in entrepreneurship, giving them useful tools for their future career, creating new possibilities.