The CVC Innovation Lab is been a success

July 14, 2014 at 8:25 am by

The 11 of July, after 5 sessions of intense work in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere CVC Innovation Lab has finished; a workshop in the form of competition to foster entrepreneurship and find interesting ideas with potential market.
The CVC Innovation Lab, besides being a tool to detect computer vision technologies with a potential market, has also served as young researchers training activity to know how to present a business proposal to potential investors showing their feasibility, on how to work to generate breakthrough ideas, or develop a business plan.
During the sessions, attendees have made different dynamics with different objectives; from foster creativity in the brainstorming phase to distinguish the feasible ideas among all of them, work on finding the differential points of your idea with products already on the market or find the real needs of potential client.
Throughout the process, participants have had the help and guidance of those responsible for technology transfer and entrepreneurship center, the director of the CVC and Bloomstart collaboration, expert advice on supporting entrepreneurs in the field of technology.
Following the final presentation of ideas in front of the jury: Josep Lladós, director of CVC, David Rotger, responsible for technology transfer at theCVC, Raul Alcaide, responsible for the promotion of entrepreneurship at the CVC, Merced Feu, co-founder of Bloomstart, Ernest Lara, co-founder of Bloomstart, Monica Cerdan from PRUAB and Juan José Villanueva, former director of CVC, the winner was announced. In this first edition it was a idea based on the analysis of documents submitted by 5 PhD students: Jon Almazan, David Fernández, LLuís Pere de las Heras, Antoni Hernández and Carles Sánchez.
This group will have a mentoring by Bloomstart and support from the CVC to launch the business.
In addition to the winning idea, there have been many other interesting ones being a satisfying experience with a format that has been adapted very well to the needs and objectives of CVC facilitating the participation of all researchers interested in entrepreneurship and improving their skills and knowledge in this field, as relevant in today’s society. Public administrations and universities give an special emphasis to entrepreneurship; the creation of high quality jobs; patents and wealth fare. Those are clear objectives for the country and CVC is betting for them too.
A possible career path for young doctors may be the creation of technology companies, therefore, from the CVC is crucial to help young students to improve their skills relating entrepreneurs to enable them to fulfill this goal.
Technology transfer to society is a deeply rooted issue in the CVC and this is one of many possible ways to do so.