CheckScan moves to the second round of the Valortec Contest

November 3, 2014 at 2:26 pm by

The project presented by the researchers Marçal Rossinyol and Lluís Pere de las Heras at the Valortec Contest (ACCIÓ) has been selected as a finalist and moves to the second round of the competition.

This is a contest with a basic purpose: to encourage Catalan researchers to apply their knowledge to develop services and products with potential for commercialization.

In this case, CVC researchers have devised a mobile application based on computer vision that enables capture, robust reading and automatic management of structured documents, in this first phase focusing on bank checks. This software will allow the verification and real-time charging for check transactions, providing a direct benefit to users and banks.

The main advantage over current systems is that it maintains the quality capture from scanners but provides a convenience, speed and low cost of the use of smartphones in the process of capturing, reviewing data and communication with the bank’s information system.

In future phases of this technology would be easily adaptable to other applications with the digitization of invoices or receipts diets, ID for quick entry of personal data, etc.

The finalists, who have gone to the second round, will receive pack of specific training during November and December. The projects provides personalized help from professionals with experience in the creation and management of enterprises and the recovery/commercialization of technologies in order to prepare a business plan.

At the end of the second round, the winners of each category will be awarded with 5,000€ for the winner and € 2,000 for the second.