Chronicle of the Saló de l’ensenyament

March 23, 2015 at 12:31 pm by

Last week the CVC was at Saló de l’ensenyament, the fair of the education sector. In concrete, we were at the espai ciència, an area meant to show the work developed by research centers and institutions in Catalonia.

During the whole week researchers from ADAS group were at the CERCA stand showing the pedestrian detector to the visitors and solving their doubts and concerns. Hundreds of students from 4 ESO to 2 Batxillerat have visit the stand during this days, some of them really interested on computer science and research. This young students were our target audience, potential future researchers with passion and curiosity for science.

The first day of the fair, a Catalan government delegation approached the stand to learn more about the project and the public TV showed it during the news (minute 9:55) of the inauguration day of the fair.

But ADAS group was not our exclusive representation at Saló de l’ensenyament, we also were there on Friday afternoon at the UAB stand at espai ciencia showing other demos and work developed by the CVC such as the app AugmentedSongbook.


ADAS Car with the pedestrian detector