CERCA Conference

May 28, 2015 at 9:30 am by

The CVC will attend the session of the 28th of May of CERCA Conference, where we will expose our autonomous car.

This year, the 2nd one that CERCA celebrates this event, it will take place at the Recinte Modernista de l’Hospotal de Sant Pau.

Researchers in Advanced Driver Assistance Systems group from the CVC and UAB will be available to explain the basis of their research and answer any questions.
The car is ready for the challenges of autonomous driving, thanks to the collaboration of CERCA and ASCAMM (now within Eurecat). A computer installed in the trunk of the car will act as the driver from the perception of the environment. This perception is largely based on computer vision techniques. Some cameras are used as sensors. The computer installed in the car processes the images recorded by these cameras and extracts the information needed to ride safely.
The CVC researchers are working on algorithms that allow data mining of these images such as the presence of pedestrians and vehicles, detection of lane lines or traffic sign recognition, among others. In addition, they also work in the algorithms that will allow an adequate response to the information extracted from the images, as might be slow if the vehicle in front is braking or stopping at a red light.
In parallel, we have developed a simulation environment for testing, and demonstrations adjustments without putting the car in movement, ensuring maximum safety in all initial experiments.