Memory Fields

June 19, 2015 at 12:49 pm by

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Memory Fields” is a trans-disciplinary project aiming at the (re)valorisation of digital collections.

Its main deliverable is an interface for a dual screen installation, used to access and mix the public library digital collections. The collections being used in this case are a collection of digitised posters from the Spanish Civil War, belonging to the Arxiu General de Catalunya, and a collection of field recordings made by Dan Norton.


The system generates visualisations, and the images and sounds are mixed together using narrative primitives of video dj. Users contribute to the digital collections by adding personal memories and observations. The comments and recollections appear as flowers growing in a “memory field” and memories remain public in a Twitter feed (@Memoryfields).


A project by: Dan Norton, Onur Ferhat and Fernando Vilariño of the Computer Vision Centre.