Care Respite and My Stone selected by CaixaImpulse program

September 16, 2015 at 2:16 pm by

Banking foundation “la Caixa” and Caixa Capital Risc presented the 15 projects selected within the CaixaImpulse program. This is the first program in Spain for the creation of biotech companies and aims to promote the transformation of scientific knowledge in companies and products in the field of life sciences and Health while creating value in society.

When selecting the projects the evaluators have prioritized the potential of the assets transferring and its possible impact on society.

Two of these 15 projects are Care Respite and MyStone.

Care Respite wants to give a technological response to the customization of efficient solutions aimed to caregivers in home environments.

The number of Europeans aged over 65 who are affected by chronic conditions that limit their independence and whose situation affects their family life increases exponentially. The care-giving role takes longer than eight hours per day, and two-thirds of caregivers have experienced health issues directly related to this activity.

My Stone is a device that recognizes the chemical composition of kidney stones.  The formation of solid depositions along the urinary tract is a common disease. Globally, 15% of the population have kidney stones, 6.5% had a recurring basis, and this percentage increases in prevalence worldwide. Since the treatment of the disease is expensive and the cheaper solutions are inaccurate, there is provided a low cost and easy to use device based on computer Vision techniques, which facilitates the analysis of the composition of the stones to facilitate a better and more effective prevention of the recurrence.