Tech party UAB

April 15, 2016 at 9:00 am by

From 15th to 18th April the UAB celebrates its first live event exclusive on the gaming industry and social networks.

The Computer Vision center will be there showing a project developed by the Interactive Augmented Modelling group in collaboration with the the unit of Pneumology at Hospital of Bellvitge.

We have developed a software tool that allows  to plan an bronchoscopy intervention considering the characteristics and limitations of the used devices. Our simulation techniques have been applied in the fields of video games to play bronchoscope movements and physical interactions with the walls of the respiratory tree. Based on information from 3D scanner we have built a virtual environment where the doctor can experiment with a 3D model of the structure and to settle if the node is actually accessible during operation to develope a bronchial biopsy.

In this video we can see a simulation of a bronchoscopy using a 3D model of the bronchial tree.