Barcelona Science Festival

June 18, 2016 at 7:00 pm by

Barcelona Town Councilfesta de ciencia  brings science and citizens together in Barcelona Science Festival that will be held in Ciudatella Park on the weekend 18-19th of June.

Research groups and companies from different areas will be exhibiting during the festival. During two days, there will be more than 100 different activities in 30 areas including workshops, demonstrations and microtalks on various interesting subjects like space exploration, artificial intelligence, human genome and future technologies. Barcelona Science Festival celebrates the 10th anniversary. Last year 13000 people visited the festival.


CVC will also have three demonstrations in which Josep Lladós, Dimosthenis Karatzas, Alicia Fornés and Fernando Vilariño will be presenting some key projects:


CVC Program in the Science Festival:

Saturday 18th of June 19:00: How Artificial Intelligence Teaches Machines to Read

Saturday 18th of June 19:55: Images of the Future

Sunday 19th of June 11.20: Library Living Lab


General Activities in the Science Festival


Researchers, technologists and scientists will talk about their areas including climate change, nanotechnology, space exploration and the war against cancer for around 20 minutes.
Scientific Library
A public library where visitors can find various magazines and books for research and science. People can also bring their books and exchange them in the Library while kids are playing in the learning anatomy and juman body workshop

Party at Night 
When the sun goes down, there will be projections, lasers and music show in The Three Dragons Castle where visitors can interact and create musical compositions as well as other workshops games and discussions about science fiction, space challanges and exploration of space
Treasure Hunting
To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Science Festival, more than 10 hidden scientific evidences will be searched throughout the park.
Final Show
Following the treasure hunt, there will be fireworks and 10 spectacular experiments,.