Entrepreneurship talk “Generació d’idees” at CVC

September 14, 2016 at 12:00 pm by

Banner_idea_castJulia Palma, responsible for dissemination at PRUAB (UAB’s Scientific Park) will be giving a talk on business and entrepreneurship at CVC on the 14th of September at 12.00h at the Conference Hall, presenting the program ‘Generació d’idees’ developed by UAB.  Anyone interested in finding more information about this program or has an interest in entering the start up world is welcome to attend.

Generació d’idees program 

As explained in their website (in catalan), the program’s main objective is bridging the world between research and business by giving researchers and PhD students the tools and knowledge to give their ideas a commercial edge. This is the program’s third edition and is mainly focused in the enviornmental sector and energetic sustainability.

The program combines training and practise for research teams in order to teach them how to transfer their technology or research into a business idea effectively. The first part of the program consists in different creative sessions in order to generate and develop ideas. Once the idea is defined, business mentors train the participants on intelectual property, presentation techniques, business models, etc. Finally, the program celebrates a competition in which participants present their project to sponsors and experts in business valorization with three different prizes. More info at the program’s page: http://www.uab.cat/web/presentacion-1345669596053.html