Open Call for european P-SPHERE project researcher (Post Doc): Machine Learning for Computer Vision

September 9, 2016 at 7:41 am by

We look for a PhD in Machine Learning with a good publication record. We are specially interested in candidates with experience in Deep Learning, Reinforcement Learning and/or Domain Adaptation. Experience in Computer Vision will be a positive point in the selection of the candidate.

The supervisor of the fellow will be Prof. Antonio M. López (, head of the advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) group. The research will be related to the development of a self-driving car owned by CVC. The CVC team is responsible for the vision-based environment perception (end-to-end driving, object detection, semantic segmentation, etc.), and collaborates with other teams to perform tasks such as deployment in real-time embedded systems, vehicle-to-x communications, planning and control, etc.

Overall we want to use deep and reinforcement learning, transfer learning and domain adaptation for developing the vision-based perception and artificial intelligence of a self-driving car, with the support of realistic virtual environments (e.g. see We aim at producing high quality publications and proofs-of-concept.


Funding conditions. Competitive salary package for Post Doc is offered including:

– Living allowance of 36.100€/year (gross salary). ( This is 3.8 times the minimum salary in Spain)

– Single relocation payment of 3000€.

Other funding (not included in the salary)

– Research activities: up to 3.600€/year

– Mobility activities: up to 3.600€/year

If you are eligible, please send an email to:



Conditions, deadlines and applications at

Extended deadline: 13th of December.