3rd Prize for Antonio Esteban at 5th Workshop on Clinical Image-based Procedures, MICCAI 2016

October 18, 2016 at 11:16 am by

img_20161017_164939CVC PhD Student Antonio Esteban has won the 3rd prize to the best research paper at this year’s CLIP workshop for his work on ‘Stable Anatomical Structure Tracking for video-bronchoscopy Navigation’ that took place last Sunday in Athens, Greece within the 19th International Conference on Medical Image Computing & Computer Assisted Intervention (MICCAI) which is taking place all through this week and is the most important Conference within the Medical Image field. The paper is signed by Antonio Esteban Lansaque, Carles Sanchez, Agnés Borràs, Marta Diez-Ferrer, Antoni Rosell and Debora Gil.

This isn’t the first prize won by the team, in fact, it has been winning the Best Research Paper Award at MICCAI related Workshops for several years now. On 2015, they won the third prize to the best paper, ‘Navigation Path Retrieval from Videobronchoscopy using Bronchial Branches’ presented by Dr. Debora Gil at the 4th CLIP Workshop; on 2014, they won the Best Research Award at the Computer- Assisted and Robotic Endoscopy Workshop (CARE), presented by Dr. Jorge Bernal.

On 2013 they won yet another prize at the 2nd CLIP Workshop for their work ‘On-line lumen centre detection in gastrointestinal and respiratory endoscopy’ presented by Dr. Carles Sánchez. A continuum of success for a team working on breaking edge technology within the medical field.

Find more about the team’s work at http://iam.cvc.uab.es/portfolio/ivendis/

Medical imaging website at CVC: http://iam.cvc.uab.es/