ICCV 2017, Venice

October 22, 2017 at 10:00 am by

Several papers will be presented at this year’s ICCV by part of the CVC Community.


At the main conference:

Domain-adaptive deep network compression, by authors Marc Masana, Luis Herranz, Joost Van de Weijer, Andrew D. Bagdanov and Jose M. Álveraz

RankIQA: Learning from Rankings for No-reference Image Quality Assessment, by authors Xialei Liu, Joost Van de Weijer and Andrew D. Bagdanov


At the Mutual benefits of Cognitive and Computer Vision workshop:

Color representation in CNNs: parallelisms with biological vision, by authors Ivet Rafegas and Maria Vanrell


At the International workshop on Egocentric Perception, Interaction and Computing:

Reading text in the wild from Compressed images,, by authors Leonardo Galteri, Dena Bazazian, Lorenzo Seidenari, Marco Bertini, Andrew D Bagdanov, Anguelos Nicolau, Dimosthenis Karatzas, Alberto Del Bimbo.


All the information about the event at the Conference’s website: http://iccv2017.thecvf.com/


Some pictures of the Conference:

CVC researchers team at ICCV2017

Researcher Xialei Liu explaining his poster at ICCV2017

Researcher Xialei Liu at ICCV 2017

Marc Masana explaining his work at ICCV2017, Venice