C++ programmer for CARLA: AI + Videogames + Autonomous Cars

January 23, 2018 at 12:36 pm by

At CVC, we are looking for a C++ programmer for our project CARLA.

Project motivation

The Computer Vision Center (Barcelona, Spain) and the Intel Visual Computing Lab (Santa Clara, California) have joined forces to create a new videogame-like simulator for autonomous driving research. Overall, the simulator aims at democratizing and standardizing the development of AI agents for autonomous driving; thus, we do not have a commercial purpose, and we are working under the open-source paradigm (for code and assets). The 1st phase of the project has been completed and open-sourced to the international community. The simulator is called CARLA and has been developed under the Unreal Engine (UE4) framework. You can check details of CARLA through the Carla.org web page. Since the project has attracted a high attention from both academia and industry, we are facing a 2nd phase focusing on improving current functionalities and adding completely new ones. The new programmer will be working closely with other C++ programmers, game designers and artists, as well as with researchers on machine learning, computer vision and autonomous driving from the international community.

Mandatory skill requirements

  • C++ programming experience, especially in Linux environments;
  • Being able to provide clear and legible code.
  • Experience in open-source tools, especially github; with good online communication and team-collaboration skills.
  • English fluency.

Additional Highly Valuable Skills

  • Experience in Python programming.
  • Experience in Unreal Engine (UE4) programming.
  • Experience in programming Computer Graphics algorithms.
  • Experience in GPU programming.

Summary of Conditions

Duration of the job: 1 year.

Location: Computer Vision Center (CVC) at the Autonomous Univ. of Barcelona.

Starting date: as soon as possible, between February 1st and March 31th, 2018.

Annual gross salary will depend on the experience.

Contact Please send to carlaprogrammer@cvc.uab.es your CV and a link to open source code (e.g. github link) in which you have been working on.

Please, use the email subject: CARLA C++ programmer

Download the job offer here.