Institutional Communications and Marketing Manager

July 6, 2020 at 10:35 am by

We are looking for an Institutional Communications and Marketing Manager, reporting directly to the General Manager, who will work in a technological, creative and collaborative environment with international projection. Remuneration based on the values ​​and provided experience.

Main tasks:

  • External communication:
    • Institutional marketing and communication: Prepare and implant the communications plan
    • Corporative, products and internal communications. Press releases elaboration.
    • Diffusion of the research results and activities of the Center to institutions, media, schools. Organization and coordination of events of various nature.
    • Institutional relations support (public and private organizations, national and international).
    • Community Manager. Content and social media management. Corporate webside, e-marketing.
    • Marketing and communications key performance Indicators. Positioning and impact measurement.
    • Elaborate and actualize the Annual Report of Activities.
    • Image (external and internal): Coordinate the corporative image of the Center. Branding.
    • Support to the Technology Transfer Department.
    • Represent the Center in communication committees of organizations in which the center participates, (CERCA, ACER, CIDAI, etc.) acting as a contact person in associations.
  • Internal Communication:
    • Prepare, apply and follow up of the internal communications plan (internal events, newsletter and welcome pack).
    • Participation at the quality and the equality committees of the Center as communications manager. Participation on Open Science policies.

Experience (valuable):

  • Knowledge and/or references in research and technology field.
  • Science dissemination.
  • Knowledge of Technology and development issues.
  • Participation in European and other international projects.

Preferable academic background in advertising and public relations, audio-visual communication or journalism.

Or trained on: master degree in areas related to audio-visual content, media and advertising, strategic planning in advertising and public relations, creative communication, marketing, online communication and social networking management, business and institutional communication.

Experience: at least three years of experience in communication and marketing.


  • Service-oriented attitude (internal and external).
  • High oral and written communication abilities.
  • Creativity and imagination. Flexibility and flow.
  • Initiative. Fast decision making
  • Global vision. Good skills to stablish relationships at different levels.
  • Interest in all kinds of knowledge.
  • Technical Competences:
    • Proficient at English, Spanish and Catalan.
    • Proficient using office tools (Word, PowerPoint, Excel…).
    • Proficient using 2.0 tools (searchers, analytics, and WordPress).
    • Knowledge on graphic design tool (Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator, Premier).

Work place:

Cerdanyola del Vallès, Barcelona (UAB Campus)

If interested:

Send CV and reference letters (optional) addressed to:

Deadline for applications: July 30, 2020