The Computer Vision Center installed a pioneering tool that analyzes energy consumption

April 2, 2013 at 9:00 am by

The tool to measure and monitor online weather conditions and consumption of lighting , heating, cooling and other equipment of the building , thus establishing energy improvement measures .


Energy efficiency is key to sustainable development and the preservation of the environment and at the same time to save on energy costs . Therefore , the control of power consumption is important to improve ? Efficiency. In this regard , the Center for Computer Vision installed JOULESS its building located at the UAB Research Park , a management system that allows energèticaon -line real-time control of power consumption , water and gas building.


This system has been developed jointly by the spin-off of the Autonomous University of Barcelona DLM and business openings , significant benchmark in many municipal services in energy engineering , installation and maintenance.


JOULESS has an intuitive interface that lets you check energy consumption and statistical analysis on the facilities . Also recorded data on weather conditions and comfort of the spaces in order ? Adjusted consumption energy demand . It also integrates a digital board which publishes indicators of significant energy efficiency and environmental awareness to communicate all users of the building. For example, the CVC will have a monitor installed in the lobby to check the temperature inside the building, the humidity , the kilowatts in real time that are in the building, energy indicators as the average consumption per person in one hour or per square meter , adding other indicators that wishes to publish the CVC , as monthly consumption of paper.


“Thanks to this tool we can analyze historical consumption generated by activities carried out in the building and establish measures to improve energy and cost savings ,” says Joseph Lladós , director of the Center for Computer Vision . And the fact that monitor energy consumption can reach a savings of 30% of the electricity bill in the case of CVC , and consider medium-term environmental certification ISO 50001.