Collaboration agreement between CVC, UAB and Sant Cugat City Hall

February 5, 2014 at 4:54 pm by

Bellaterra, February 5 2014

Today the collaboration agreement between the Computer Vision Center, the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona and the Sant Cugat City Hall is been signed to develop the Volpelleres Library Living Lab.

This initiative was promoted by the neighbors’ association from Volpelleres neighborhood and the Computer Vision Center

Today at noon in the Sant Cugat City Hall, a collaboration agreement between  the CVC, the UAB and the Sant Cugat City Hall is been signed to create a living lab based on the application of new vision technologies.

The project is an exponent of the strategical policies of the CVC and the UAB to promote an ecosystem of innovation in the aggregate UAB-IEC (International Excellence Campus). This strategy promotes active policies of excellent research approached  to the society, following the social challenges shown in the Catalan and European R&D programs.

The involved institutions have started a Project meant to create a positive impact among the citizens by implementing an incubator of technology services, the Volpelleres Library Living Lab. This will be developed at the Volpelleres Miquel Batllor library.

The aim of this lab is to let the library users to project their cultural and artistic development by innovative ways through creativity; to facilitate the personal development in a highly educative environment while enjoying thanks to the possibilities that the technologies bring to this cultural surroundings.

So, it will be a space where the applied vision technologies will create new ways of interaction between readers and books and between readers themselves, allowing the personalization of the experience, share it with other readers obtaining and enriching experience. The VL3can not be understood as a closed project, it is a starting point, a testing area that can be used as a base for future iniciatives.

Therefore, this initiative implies the natural integration of the users in the innovation process. So it will help to generate the change in public awareness on the relevance that innovation has in the new paradigm of society and on the contribution that each individual has in this process.

The role of the citizens, in this case Volpelleres neighbors, is essential as they are the ones who will detect and expose their real needs and requirements, and will participate in the process by testing different technologies applied to address these needs.

Usually the universities struggle when trying to directly interact with the society. With this kind of agreements is possible to make work four different agents in one direction: researchers, public institutions, companies and citizens.

The CVC as a leader of the Project, will assure that the Volpelleres Library Living Lab will have all the resources required for the proper development of the project, it will also manage the permanent working team, focus the interests of the project, provide consistently with high value added content to the project and create and manage a web site for the VL3among others.

The signing of the participation agreement, on behalf of the three entities, Ms. Mercè Conesa, mayor of Sant Cugat, Dr. Josep Lladós, director of CVC and Dr. Ferran Sancho, Magnificent Rector of the UAB.