Technology Transfer


Since the beginning of the CVC, knowledge and technology transfer to society has been one of our main activities.

We seek to have a positive social impact through innovation working together with all kind of social agents such as companies, research centers, associations, public agencies, etc.

Some of the most common ways we collaborate with our partners are:


  • Ad-hoc projects: Specific and customized projects.


  • Sponsored Research: Externalized R&D projects under open innovation paradigm.


  • Collaborative projects: under co-funding of public agencies.


  • Industrial studentship: Master internships, industrial doctorate.


But we also approach the research results to society trough spin-offs and entrepreneurship.

To this aim, the CVC has some programs to impulse the creation of companies and technology transfer, and some of these projects have received the support of public agencies.


What can we do?


Diagnosis: By the application of logics, analytics, and our vast experience we can determine your real needs. We face each case individually to get the best possible result in order to facilitate further decisions and actions.


Adviser’s office: Through our knowledge and experience with computer vision we can offer valuable advice concerning this field to companies helping them to make the best decisions for their purpose.


ILP (Industrial Liaison Program): Promotes Industry collaboration, encouraging the flow of knowledge and resources between the Computer Vision Center and innovation-driven companies for mutual benefit.

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