SFY: The Computer Vision Center (CVC ) signed a cooperation agreement with Soft for You ( SFY ) the purpose of which is to explore possible avenues of exploitation technologies of vision by  “wearable platforms ” such as Google Glass or Smart Watch among others. This agreement responds to the needs of both parties, getting to a positive agreement for all.


Aratechlabs: Aratechlabs is a young innovative company with a philosophy and values close to ours. A cooperation agreement is been signed to keep a close relation and facilitate the possibility to collaborate in technology projects, communications or any interesting venture that may emerge.


PRUAB: This cooperation agreement with PRUAB will improve and increase the activities relating to knowledge transfer from the CVC to society thanks to the specialization and expertise of the Fundació Parc de Recerca UAB in transference.


Doomanis S.L.: The Computer Vision Center (CVC ) signed a cooperation agreement with Doomanis. Their main activity is to develop apps for mobile devices. This long term agreement has two main purposes, through the innovation of the CVC, Doomanis will be able to provide solutions to specific challenges where computer vision is key. On the Other hand the CVC will have Doomanis as its  preference partner to chose when developing mobile projects where computer vision technology will be integrated.


Associació d’Arxivers i Gestors de Documents: The Computer Vision Center (CVC ) signed a cooperation agreement       with Associació d’Arxivers i Gestors de Documents. The purpose of this agreement is to collaborate in the implementation and   development of specific   studies on the production, management and use of data in digital format in order to increase the capabilities of experts in archives and  document management for public administrations, private companies and university research.



Cooperation Agreement between the Hospital Clínic of Barcelona, the Fundació Hospital Clinic de Barcelona and the CVC. Collaboration for a common Know How license  and  Endoscopic information license.


I2Cat: Collaboration agreement with I2Cat in order to develop a common interest in research and development, domestic and Smart Cities solutions for industrial applications.


BCNLab: Collaboration agreement with BCNLab in order to develop promote academic, scientific, technologic, artistic and cultural actions. It also seeks to exchange knowledge and information about research and innovation subjects that could benefit both parts.