CVC – 20th Anniversary

Since 1995 doing research of excellence in Computer Vision


This year 2015, the Computer Vision Centre -CVC- is celebrating its 20th anniversary. During these 20 years, we have carried out our commitment to do research of excellence in Computer Vision, while putting effort into transferring the achieved results to society. This is has been the distinctive feature of our DNA. You can watch some highlights here (link). To celebrate this ephemerides, we are organizing the following events:


9th July 2015, 19.00h – Keynote speaker Prof. Antonio Torralba from MIT will give the talk titled “Teaching Computers to see” at the Modernist venue of Casa de Convalescència. Our objective here is to gather the main scientific actors of the Computer Vision community around a scientific event, and make possible to share the state of the art of research with one of the referential contributors in the area.

If you want to attend this talk, please register at:


10th July 2015, 11.00h – Institutional event at CVC, which will be joined by its main stakeholders: the Catalan Government, the UAB and the rest of Catalan universities, representatives from other public administrations, and private companies related to CVC. The event will be presided by the Honorable Mr. Felip Puig, Catalan Minister of Business and Labor.


September to December 2015 – A series of Keynote Seminars at CVC. A number of seminars are scheduled at CVC with keynote speakers in the 4 main axes Computer Vision research has social impact:

  • Health and wellbeing.
  • Smart transportation.
  • Intelligent media and contents.
  • Advanced manufacturing.


We will keep this information up to date. In its 20 years, more than 500 people have worked in the CVC. Are you one of them?  Feel free to contact us at if you want to contribute.


We are looking forward to seeing you during our celebrations.



Prof. Josep Lladós
Director – CVC