Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)



Principal Researcher:

Intelligent vehicles refer to cars, trucks, buses etc. on which sensors and control systems have been integrated in order to assist thedriving task, hence their name Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS).


The aim is to combine sensors and algorithms to understand the vehicle environment so that the driver can receive assistance or be warned of potential hazards. Vision is the most important sense employed for driving, therefore Computer Vision can play a very important role in these systems.


In this context, our group is focused on combining computer vision techniques as pattern recognition, feature extraction, learning, tracking, 3D vision, etc. to develop real-time algorithms able to assist the driving activity. Examples of assistance applications are: Lane Departure Warning, Collision Warning, Automatic Cruise Control, Pedestrian Protection, Headlights Control, etc.


The group started in year 2002 and currently is composed by 6 PhD and 14 PhD students. Founding comes from R&D governmental competitive projects as well as private companies, mainly of the automotive sector. The group has the category of "Grup Consolidat" (consolidated group) given by the Autonomous Government of Catalonia.ise Control, Pedestrian Protection, Headlights Control, etc.