CVC Internships


With the aim of promoting science and innovation and to encourage research in highly talented young students, the Computer Vision Center hosts the Computer Vision Center Internship Program (prize). It is addressed to students, ideally during the last year of their undergraduate studies. The CVC offers these students a research environment that will constitute their first exposure to a research challenge.

Undergraduate students worldwide with excellent academic record are invited to apply for an internship at the CVC. The interns will be guided by CVC researchers and will work in a research project designed to acquire skills in the latest trends in computer vision. Complementary mentoring activities will be provided to allow students to broaden their education and research training.


There are two different ways for enjoying an internship in the Computer Vision Center

  1. You can apply to the CVC Open Call for Internships. You will compete with other candidates for a CVC internship, and if succeeding in the evaluation process, you will be assigned a CVC PI as your mentor. Your CVC mentor will provide you with clear tasks in a specific project. The full conditions and instructions for application are detailed in the section  “Apply now” below.
  2. In specific cases, you can be invited by one of the CVC Principal Investigator (PI) to work in concrete projects, through the project calls. The conditions depend on the type of project proposed by the CVC PI, and it can have financial support -you would receive an economic compensation-, though in some cases this necessarily the case.

In both cases, the conditions are similar in terms of expected length (3-4 months).

Apply now

You can apply for the next CVC Open Call for Internships- 2021 here.