Icar Vision Systems has developped an automatic reading system for identity cards, passports and driver´s licenses. This system is characterized by the capacity of data extraction and the efficiency and security that offers the client who implant it.

Visual Century was created in 2001 by a group of researchers and graduate students from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) with the goal of turning research on Computer Vision and Multimedia into innovative software products.The main goal of the Department of Research at Visual Century is to develop state-of-the-art technology that will keep the pace of innovation in our products. Highly qualified and experienced researchers on Computer Vision and Multimedia Technologies create and develop models, methods and algorithms to answer user demands and generate new ideas and products.

The Department of Research is located in the main offices of Visual Century at Barcelona Activa. In this way, there is a close connection with product developers and marketing staff. Some of our projects are partially funded by local, national or international institutions like the Catalan Government via CIDEM (Centre d´Innovació i Desenvolupament Empresarial).

Visual Century Research works in close cooperation with researchers at the UAB. We also develop projects in cooperation with other companies and research centers like Histeresys and CEPHIS (Centre de Codisseny i Prototipat de Solucions Hardware). Also, there is a commitment with our major partner, Software AG, to do joint research on Multimedia Content Management Systems.


A unique tool on the market that solves the problem of sizes in online shopping

It estimates the user size

Verisize is an application that gives you the right size for each garment in an easy and effective way.

Advantages for the user and the online store

It reduces the risk of buyer purchase and achieves a positive impact in the e-commerce bottom line.

Created by software development experts

Developed by a team of researchers, engineers from the Computer Vision Centre of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, the leading institution in research and development in the Computer Vision field.

High reliability

We have used a large database of different body types and applied algorithms and multiple regression methods, achieving high accuracy.

Easy to use

You insert your height, weight and age and choose your body type out of 6 different profiles. Then, the system estimates the measurements of your body and processes them with the sizes of the brand online store, giving your right size for the garment selected.



NSPECTA, S.L. was a private company dedicated to the development of Computer Vision solutions.Born in January, 2003 as a spin off from UAB, INSPECTA centered its activity in the development, manufacturation and sell of Artificial Vision Systems based on Color Images Processing and self-learning methods.


DAVANTIS TECHNOLOGIES develops intelligent video-surveillance systems based on machine vision. The most important product of Davantis is the Daview Perimeters, a intrusion sensor based on outdoor machine vision.
The system generates an alarm when it detects a person or vehicle on the scene, and alerts either the security guard or the central station. Complementing the sensor is Daview CRA, a management tool that allows an immediate reception and video-verification of the alarma in the central station. The system provides the following advantages:

  • Effectiveness. Automatic detection of events that are invisible to traditional systems, alerting security personnel. The software analyzes real-time people and vehicles in outer perimeters, reducing false alarms common in other systems.
  • Reliability. Permanent intrusion detection that overcomes the manual limitations. U.S. studies show that staff attention low security below acceptable minimum after 20 minutes of activity.
  • Reduced costs. Decreases the required personnel to control the cameras and allows reassignment to active surveillance. Allows the reuse of existing hardware and infrastructure.


Visual Tagging Services was founded in July 2012 as a spin-off company from Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona and Computer Vision Center, based on the results of several years of research ISELab group in Object Analysis.
Our mission is to connect the images with its associated information using image analysis recognition technology.
Knowxel is a platform to work using mobile devices. It can be considered a social network where the users community work for different tasks offered through the platform by the clients. In general, these tasks need to be solved by a large staff of people in a short period of time.
Nowadays, companies and both public and private organisms need to collect, analyze and process large scale of data.
This fact cannot always be automated, becoming extremely tough, slow and even unworkable because of the vast number of people necessary for its implementation. Knowxel offers a solution to such problems.
Taking advantage of the mobile devices’ possibilities, this is, a camera, geo-location, a microphone, a speaker, a touchscreen, massiveness, etc., the community solves the split up and simplified tasks in a pleasant way and in a matter of seconds.