New dataset available!

Keeping up with the updates on the website, we have just added the CVC-ClinicSpec dataset that we developed to train and validate our specular highlights detection method. You can find more information about our method here:

Sánchez, F. J., Bernal, J., Sánchez-Montes, C., de Miguel, C. R., & Fernández-Esparrach, G. (2017). Bright spot regions segmentation and classification for specular highlights detection in colonoscopy videos. Machine Vision and Applications28(8), 917-936.

The dataset is included in the Databases section of the website.


Updates coming

Hi all,
Sorry for the lack of updates, we are just in the middle of a big revamp of the website. We plan to add in the following days updated information about our research activity and to offer downloads of our developed tools. Thanks in advance for the patience!

Two presentations held at CARS conference 2017!

Last week we presented our most recent works at CARS conference 2017. First, Quentin Angermann presented our work done in collaboration with ENSEA and Hopital de Saint Antoine in order to build up a real-time polyp detection method. In this case, our work proposes an adaptation of already existing still-frame based polyp detection methods to make them work when dealing with video sequences. The methodology is tested on a completely new fully annotated video database (available at, showing promising results with respect to the number of polyps detected and computational requirements.
Second, Jorge Bernal presented his work (done in collaboration with David Vázquez from CVC and researchers from MILA Montreal) on semantic segmentation on the whole endoluminal scene. This work aimed to present a new benchmark on endoluminal scene segmentation. Results of a comparative study between classic hand-crafted approaches and trending techniques such as CNNs show that the latter are the new state-of-the-art, outperforming classic approaches by a large margin with a reduced processing time.
We will publish some slides soon so stay tuned!

APODEC gets honorable mention award at DDW2017!

A video presenting our work on automatic polyp detection in colonoscopy videos APODEC was chosen as an honorable mention at Digestive Disease Week 2017 and was also showcased at ASGE (American Society of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy) Online Learning Center. Congratulations to the entire CVC-Colon team!

See the award-winning video here and get more information about APODEC here

GIANA challenge website open

If you are interested on taking part in GIANA 2017 MICCAI subchallenge (part of EndoVis challenge) on gastrointestinal image analysis just go to and get all details. If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask! See you there

New sub-challenge at MICCAI 2017: GIANA!

Hi all,

Sorry for the lack of updates, we’re pretty busy finalizing the content to be uploaded in the website which should be ready within this month. But, another thing that has kept us busy is the preparation of our new international sub-challenge part of MICCAI conference! Yes, you read it well, we’re coming back. This time with new fully annotated databases, with new tasks and under a new acronym. Let me introduce you GIANA: Gastrointestinal Image Analysis sub-challenge.

Pretty soon we will have an updated website for the specific challenge. Stay tuned!

And do not forget to register if you want to have access to the databases!