CVC-Clinic research group has been pioneer in building up publicly available databases since 2012. You will find here all of them including download links and reference papers. Before the final version of this page is public, let us point you to the pages that currently store our databases.


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  • Reference paper: Bernal, J., Sánchez, J., & Vilarino, F. (2012). Towards automatic polyp detection with a polyp appearance model. Pattern Recognition, 45(9), 3166-3182.


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  • Reference papers:
    • Bernal, J., Sánchez, F. J., Fernández-Esparrach, G., Gil, D., Rodríguez, C., & Vilariño, F. (2015). WM-DOVA maps for accurate polyp highlighting in colonoscopy: Validation vs. saliency maps from physicians. Computerized Medical Imaging and Graphics, 43, 99-111.
    • Fernández-Esparrach, G., Bernal, J., López-Cerón, M., Córdova, H., Sánchez-Montes, C., de Miguel, C. R., & Sánchez, F. J. (2016). Exploring the clinical potential of an automatic colonic polyp detection method based on the creation of energy maps. Endoscopy, 48(09), 837-842.