International Symbol Recognition Contest at GREC 2003
Computer Vision Center
Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
July 29, 2003


An international contest on symbol recognition will be held during the 5th IAPR workshop on graphics recognition (GRECí2003) in Barcelona, July 2003. The main goal is to compare various methods for recognizing linear graphic symbols, i.e. symbols made of lines, arcs and simple geometric primitives, which can be found in any kind of graphic drawings.

All methods will be run on the same set of images, generated to cover different application domains and degradation leveles. You can download some preliminary sample tests, similar to those which will be used in the real contest.

If you are interested in participating in the contest, please visit the Call for Participation page to get more details and fill in the questionaire to give us your feedback about the contest.

More information about contest rules and specifications can be found in the Contest Description page.