Description of the test format


Only a few information is required to describe the tests. The proposed format is very basic, in order to be easy to parse. It is inspired by Windows .ini files.


Below is presented a skeleton of the description of a test. Each description is stored in a file named xxxx.test, where xxxx is the name of the test.

[testname] ... [modelspath] ... [imagepath] ... [models] ... [images] ...



Please note that several test images are contained in a single .test file. In the case where a recognition application crashes during a test, your application must be able to recover and continue the next tests.


[testname] testgrec [modelspath] models [imagespath] testgrec [models] ArchitecturalA.vec ArchitecturalB.vec ArchitecturalC.vec ArchitecturalD.vec ArchitecturalE.vec ArchitecturalF.vec ArchitecturalG.vec ArchitecturalH.vec ArchitecturalI.vec ArchitecturalJ.vec ElectricalA.vec ElectricalB.vec ElectricalC.vec ElectricalD.vec ElectricalE.vec ElectricalF.vec ElectricalG.vec ElectricalH.vec ElectricalI.vec ElectricalJ.vec [images] testgrec-image1.tif testgrec-image2.tif testgrec-image3.tif testgrec-image4.tif testgrec-image5.tif