List of accepted papers

Guidelines for Speakers

Oral presentations are 25 minutes long (for survey papers) and 9 minutes long (for regular papers). Paper presenters will be expected to report to their session chair before the start of the session in which their paper is presented, and also contact the organizers for special requirements. A computer with PowerPoint and overhead projector will be available. You can also use your own laptop computer.

Paper Submission Instructions

The final papers will be included in the workshop proceedings, which are distributed at GREC2003.

Formatting your paper

Papers must be submitted in camera-ready format and should not exceed 12 pages.

The following author kits are available to help you to format your paper:

Only electronic submission is possible (no paper copies will be accepted). Accepted formats are PDF or Postscript.

Submission procedure

Camera-ready papers in PDF or PS format must be uploaded to our web site using the form below.

If you forgot your paper id number, you can see it in the list of accepted papers page.

Paper id:
E-mail of contact author:
File extension:
Upload file:


If there are any problems with the submission process, please contact GREC2003 organizing committee.

Submission deadline

The final papers must be submitted by June 16, 2003. Otherwise the paper will not be included in the final proceedings.

Policy about parallel submissions to ICDAR03 and GREC03

We invite the submission of original, previously unpublished work. We also welcome, with some restrictions, submissions which are closely related to work submitted also to this year's ICDAR. Please use our workshop to present work that differs materially from your ICDAR presentations, in any of several ways: