As at the past workshops, a graphics recognition contest will be held at GREC'2003. Two contests are being organized:

Arc Segmentation Contest

Arc segmentation is a classical process related to vectorization and line drawing interpretation. In the past GREC'2001, held in Kingston (Canada), an Arc Segmentation Workshop was organized. Now, in GREC'2003 a new edition of such contest will be done with the aim of evaluating the progress of the methods presented by the participants in 2001 and also to encourage the scientific community to contribute with new methods.

Contest chair:

Liu Wenyin
Dept. of Computer Science
City University of Hong Kong,
Hong Kong

Contest home page:

Symbol Recognition Contest

Symbol recognition is one of the central problems of Graphics Recognition. A lot of symbol recognition methods can be found in the literature. However, they are generally very ad-hoc and domain dependent methods. it is necessary to define sound performance evaluation methods to compare them. GREC'2003 will be a good framework to start a work on symbol recognition evaluation.

Contest chairs:

Ernest Valveny
Computer Vision Center - Dept. Informàtica
Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
Barcelona, Spain

Philippe Dosch
Nancy, France

Contest home page: