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Review on Computer Vision Techniques in Emergency Situations

Our review article on Computer Vision Techniques in Emergency Situations got accepted in Multimedia Tools and Applications.

New Postdoc

We are happy to announce that Luis Herranz has started as a new postdoc on the M2CR project.

NIPS wokshop on Adversarial Training

Two papers will be presented at the NIPS workshop on Adversarial Training. “Ensembles of Generative Adversarial Networks” investigates the usage of ensembles for GANs, and shows that they can significantly improve results. “Invertible Conditional GANs for image editing” adds a encoder to a conditional GAN, thereby allowing to do semantic editing of photos. The code is available here.

Past PhD Students

Marc Masana
Yaxing Wang
Lichao Zhang
Aymen Azaza
Adriana Romero
Lu Yu
Xialei Liu
Laura López
Carola Figueroa Flores
Danna Xue
Shun Yao
Vacit Oguz Yazici
Javad Zolfaghari