Schedule 2019

Tentative schedule:
July 4: Lu

June 13: Marc will present ‘Large Scale Incremental Learning’ (CVPR2019)

June 6: Mikel presents FearNet: Brain-Inspired Model for Incremental Learning

May 10: Lichao presents Learning Discriminative Model Prediction for Tracking
May 2: Kai presents his work and
Fei presents:
Efficient Variable Rate Image Compression with Multi-scale Decomposition Network, Trans. on CSVT, 2019

Apr 9: Marc and Lu present their own work.

Apr 4: Kai wil present
Hardness-Aware Deep Metric Learning (CVPR2019 oral)

Oguz presents his work.

Mar 28: Lichao will present his work.

Carola will present:
Large Scale Fine-Grained Categorization and Domain-Specific Transfer
(CVPR 2018)

Mar 7: Chenshen will present:
The lottery ticket hypothesis: finding sparse, trainable neural networks
(ICLR 2019 Oral)

Feb 28: Xialei will present:
On the Sensitivity of Adversarial Robustness to Input Data Distributions (ICLR 2019)

Oguz will present:
Semantic Regularisation for Recurrent Image Annotation

Feb 14: Yaxing will present:
Unsupervised Learning of Object Landmarks through Conditional Image Generation

Javad will present:
Large-Scale Visual Active Learning with Deep Probabilistic Ensembles

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