26-9 CVPR/ICCV meeting:
Focal Loss for Dense Object Detection, ICCV 2017 (Javad)
Top-down Visual Saliency Guided by Captions, CVPR 2017 (Carola)

20-9 CVPR/ICCV meeting:
Arbitrary Style Transfer in Real-time with Adaptive Instance Normalization ,ICCV2017 (Yaxing)
Adversarial Discriminative Domain Adaptation, CVPR 2017 (Oğuz)

15-9 CVPR/ICCV meeting:
Incremental Learning of Object Detectors without Catastrophic Forgetting, ICCV2017, (Xialei)
FC4: Fully Convolutional Color Constancy With Confidence-Weighted Pooling, CVPR 2017 (Rada)

15-9 Jan van Gemert is visiting and gives a seminar on ‘Active Decision Boundary Annotation with Deep Generative Models’

6-9 CVPR/ICCV meeting: CREST: Convolutional Residual Learning for Visual Tracking.(Lichao) Attend in groups: a weakly-supervised deep learning framework for learning from web data.(Lu) On Compressing Deep Models by Low Rank and Sparse Decomposition (Marc)

1-9 Abel Gonzalez presents his thesis work.

31-8 We will discuss the paper ‘YOLO9000: Better, Faster, Stronger’

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