PAMI on learning from rankings

Xialei’s PAMI ‘Exploiting Unlabeled Data in CNNs by Self-supervised Learning to Rank’ (pdf) has been accepted for publication at PAMI.

MediaEval Challenge 2018

Laura has obtained ‘distinctive mention’ in the Multimedia Satellite Task: Emergency Response for Flooding Events at MediaEval 2018.

TIP accepted on tracking FIR

The paper ‘Synthetic data generation for end-to-end thermal infrared tracking’ of Lichao Zhang has been accepted for publication at IEEE TIP.

Thesis Aymen Azaza

Aymen Azaza has been awarded his PhD both at the UAB and the University of Monastir (Tunisie) for his thesis on ‘Context, Motion, and Semantic Information for Computational Saliency’.

talk at BCN.AI

Joost gave a talk at BCN.AI which can be viewed on youtube.

TIP accepted on RGB-D

The journal on ‘Learning Effective RGB-D Representations for Scene Recognition’ got accepted for IEEE TIP. See here for a blog post on this paper.

2 NIPS 2018 accepted

Two NIPS papers got accepted. One work on ‘Image-to-image translation for cross-domain disentanglement’ (pdf) and one titled ‘Memory Replay GANs: Learning to Generate New Categories without Forgetting’ (pdf + blog + video).

1 ECCV and 1 BMVC accepted

Our research on transfering GANs has been accepted for ECCV 2018: ‘Transferring GANs: generating images from limited data‘.

Also our work on out of distribution detection has been accepted for BMVC 2018. Also see the project page.

CVIU accepted on saliency detection

Aymen’s paper on Context Proposals for Saliency Detection got accepted for CVIU. This work shows how to extend object proposals with context proposals which allow for a precise description of the object’s context. It is shown that these can significantly improve the performance of saliency detection.

2 ICPR papers + 1 ICIP accepted

The papers ‘Rotate your Networks: Better Weight Consolidation and Less Catastrophic Forgetting‘ has been accepted for ICPR 2018. See here for the (project page) and a BLOG post. Also ‘Weakly Supervised Domain-Specific Color Naming Based on Attention‘ with (project page) has been accepted for publication at ICPR 2018 in Beijing. The paper ‘Learning Illuminant Estimation from Object Recognition‘ has been accepted for ICIP..