TIP accepted on RGB-D

The journal on ‘Learning Effective RGB-D Representations for Scene Recognition’ got accepted for IEEE TIP. See here for a blog post on this paper.

2 NIPS 2018 accepted

Two NIPS papers got accepted. One work on ‘Image-to-image translation for cross-domain disentanglement’ (pdf) and one titled ‘Memory Replay GANs: Learning to Generate New Categories without Forgetting’ (pdf + blog + video).

1 ECCV and 1 BMVC accepted

Our research on transfering GANs has been accepted for ECCV 2018: ‘Transferring GANs: generating images from limited data‘.

Also our work on out of distribution detection has been accepted for BMVC 2018. Also see the project page.

CVIU accepted on saliency detection

Aymen’s paper on Context Proposals for Saliency Detection got accepted for CVIU. This work shows how to extend object proposals with context proposals which allow for a precise description of the object’s context. It is shown that these can significantly improve the performance of saliency detection.

2 ICPR papers + 1 ICIP accepted

The papers ‘Rotate your Networks: Better Weight Consolidation and Less Catastrophic Forgetting‘ has been accepted for ICPR 2018. See here for the (project page) and a BLOG post. Also ‘Weakly Supervised Domain-Specific Color Naming Based on Attention‘ with (project page) has been accepted for publication at ICPR 2018 in Beijing. The paper ‘Learning Illuminant Estimation from Object Recognition‘ has been accepted for ICIP..

Convolutional Neural Networks for Texture Recognition and Remote Sensing

Our work on ‘Binary Patterns Encoded Convolutional Neural Networks for Texture Recognition and Remote Sensing Scene Classification‘ has been accepted for publication in ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing.

World Mobile Congress

The presentation at the world mobile congress on the CVPR paper on crowd counting received quite some press coverage.

4 CVPR’s accepted !

Members of LAMP got four accepted CVPR 2018 papers. The papers ‘Mix and match networks: encoder-decoder alignment for zero-pair imagetranslation‘ has been accepted, for more information see the project page and this BLOG POST. Xialei has a paper on crowd counting: ‘Leveraging Unlabeled Data for Crowd Counting by Learning to Rank‘ or see the project page.

Also Aitor Alvarez got his paper ‘On the Duality Between Retinex and Image Dehazing‘ accepted in collaboration with Adrian Galdran from INESC TEC Porto, Portugal and Javier Vazquez-Corral, Marcelo Bertalmıo from Universitat Pompeu Fabra. Also Abel Gonzalez got his paper ‘Objects as context for detecting their semantic parts’. The research was performed in his previous group CALVIN with Vitorrio Ferrari.

Journal on Color Names

In this recent work we investigate how to extend the number of color names beyond the standard set of eleven. The work ‘Beyond Eleven Color Names for Image Understanding‘ is published in Machine Vision and Applications. For more information visit the project website. We also published a workshop paper at WorldCIST conference on color naming for multi-color fashion items.

New postdoc

We are happy to have Abel Gonzalez Garcia join the group as a postdoc.