The project is carried out by three research groups, each one focused on a specific module of the system.

The Advanced  Driver Assistance System group, from the Computer Vision Center and the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, focuses its research on computer vision approaches to develop intelligent vehicles. The group was started in 2003 with two members after a project with Volkswagen AG on lane markings. From that point the group has been continously growing in number of PhDs and PhD students. In 2008 we were 10 members but during the last two years we have doubled the number, so we are now 20 persons. It is also worth to mention that during 2009 our group has achieved the qualification of “Consolidated Research Group” (2009-SGR-71) by the autonomic government of Catalonia

Dr Antonio M. López (IP)
Dr Joan Serrat Gual
Dr Jaume Amores
Dr Antonio Fernández
Dr David Gerónimo
Dr David Vázquez  
Yainuvis Socarrás
German Ros 
Sebastián Ramos
José C. Rubio
Francisco J. Marín
Muhammad A. Rao
Ferran Diego

The Laboratorio de Sistemas Inteligentes, from the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, was created in 2000, and focuses on robotics, intelligent control, computer vision, intelligent systems for transport, etc.

Dr Arturo de la Escalera (IP)
Dr Verónica Egido
Dr Alberto P. Martínez
Dr Juan J. de Dios
Dr José M. Barcala
Dr María T. Villalba
Dr Juan M. Alonso
Miguel A. Ramirez
Gustavo Pelaez
José M. Pérez
Daniel Olmeda
Basam Musleh

The group of Control, Aprendizaje y Optimización de Sistemas, also from the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, focuses on artificial intelligence, machine learning, data analysis, predicitive control, optimization, artificial neural networks, pattern recognition, evolutionary computation, agent modelling.

Dr Agapito I. Ledezma (IP)
Dr Germán Gutiérrez
Dr Paula de Toledo
Dr José A. Iglesias
Andrés Duque
María P. Sesmero
Beatriz García
Juan Peralta
Jorge Muñoz
Daniel Martín
Francisco J. Ordóñez